On Cary Grant

Dapper and charming, he was able to play the gentleman and the comic. And yet, when not on camera, Cary Grant, born Archie Leach, could be reserved and self-conscious, a man with a hidden complexity. He once said, "Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant."

Below his friends and co-stars remember the film icon.

1. Deborah Kerr

"His elegance, his wit, and his true professionalism were outstanding, and I learned so much from just watching him work... As a person, apart from his talent, he was warm and affectionate and a joy to have as a friend. He lived simply and was not tremendously social -- a very private person... I treasure my memories of him."

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2. Katharine Hepburn

"Cary was a lovely, very generous actor. A good comedian. And so funny. He had a wonderful laugh. When you looked at that face of his, it was full of a wonderful kind of laughter in the back of his eyes. Of course, he was also very serious."

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3. Leslie Caron

"Cary kept you on your toes. He electrified the set. You felt inspired. It was essential to have a quality far superior to the average. You had to be as bright and brilliant as possible. He was one of those people who generated that demand."

4. Elizabeth Taylor

“He made me feel as though I were the most interesting and witty person. He had the unique ability to make you feel as though you were the only person in the room."

5. Ralph Bellamy

“I’m a proud admirer of Cary’s. He was eager for everyone to have what was coming to him. There was no upstaging. Quite the opposite. He would give you your moment. He was always laughing and great to work with – friendly and receptive.”

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6. Loretta Young

“He was extremely sensitive. He watched out for himself but never to the point where he stepped on anyone else. That’s unusual. I’ve been lucky to work with seven or eight really top actors, and it’s a pleasure when you get one like Cary. He was so professional he seemed to have three or four heads working at the same time.”

7. Irene Dunne

“I loved working with Cary – every minute of it. Between takes he was so amusing with his cockney stories. I was his best audience. I laughed and laughed and laughed. The more I laughed, the more he went on.”

8. Sophia Loren

“We drank the good wine and laughed and confided in each other… and fell in love. I was fascinated with him, with his warmth, affection, intelligence, and his wonderfully dry mischievous sense of humor.”

9. Prince Rainier III

“Grace [Kelly] loved and admired Cary and cherished working with him. She was also proud and happy about the things Cary had said about her professionalism. But Cary was above all a friend. She valued his friendship and wanted me to share that with her. It was my great privilege to know Cary.”

10. Audrey Hepburn

“He was very gentle and very dear with me. Working with him was a joy. There was something special, which is quite undefinable, about Cary. He was expressive and yet reserved. He was a quiet man basically, for somebody who dealt in comedy, and yet very much to the point. He led a very quiet life. I do, too.”

11. Dyan Cannon

“If you think he exuded charm on the screen, being with him it was times it by a billion. I loved to hear him sit at the piano and sing Cole Porter songs to me. I loved to play word games with him. It didn’t matter to me honestly what we did. I was happy.”