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Lupino Had to Be Cut Out of a Dress for the Man I Love!

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Ida Lupino teamed with director Raoul Walsh for the fourth and final time to make The Man I Love in 1946. While it didn’t capture the intensity of their previous collaborations, They Drive by Night or High Sierra, it nevertheless showcases Lupino’s talents or her “magic glow” as co-star Andrea King put it.

1. Lupino wasn’t the original lead.

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Ann Sheridan and Humphrey Bogart were the first cast to lead the adaption of Maritta Wolff’s novel, Night Shift, then titled Why Was I Born? However, script delays forced a recast, and Ida Lupino and Robert Alda took over.

2. Lupino was dubbed.

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The studio chose Peg LaCentra to dub Ida’s singing voice. LaCentra also dubbed Susan Hayward in Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman. A year later, Lupino would do her own singing in Road House, performing “One for My Baby (And One More for the Road).”

3. Lupino worked through poor health.

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A busy work schedule along with a divorce led to severe exhaustion for Lupino. Shortly after she began working, she was ordered by her doctor to remain in bed to recover. Later, while filming in extreme heat, Lupino fainted. Thankfully, she was caught by her co-star Robert Alda and then quickly cut out of her tight Milo Anderson dress, which was restricting her breathing.

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