Farrow's Harrowing Spotlight in Rosemary's Baby

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She wanted a baby. She got a whole lot more...

The landmark 1968 hit Rosemary's Baby follows a young couple who move into a strange building and find themselves surrounded by a conspiracy. Interestingly, director Roman Polanski was intentional about the story being told through Mia Farrow's eyes, so that it's unclear just how many of the devilish details are true.

Go behind the scenes of the thriller below.

1. It was Mia Farrow’s leading lady debut.

However, she wasn’t the first considered. Sharon Tate and Tuesday Weld were both considered for the leads, but ultimately, the studio felt that they both weren’t established enough to carry the film. Jane Fonda was offered the part, but turned it down. Thanks to her success in the soap opera Peyton’s Place, Mia Farrow eventually took the lead, which her then husband, Frank Sinatra, didn’t think was right for her.

2. Robert Redford was considered.

Redford seemed to fit the bill perfectly, but was unavailable at the time, most likely due to the dispute between him and the studio. Warren Beatty turned down the role, while Jack Nicholson and Laurence Harvey pursued it. John Cassavetes was cast, and unfortunately, his improvisational style of acting clashed with the director at times.

3. Hitchcock passed on it.

Director Alfred Hitchcock had the chance to option the novel, but declined. William Castle, known for his gimmicks in films such as House on Haunted Hill and The Tingler, was attached to direct. However, producer Robert Evans didn’t think Castle was the right fit, and the duties eventually went to Roman Polanski. Perhaps Castle’s consolation was having a cameo in the film.