Eastwood Returns to Dirty Harry

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“All the movies you make and all these roles you take, there are certain ones that people really hold on to. Harry is the one I hear about the most from the people on the street,” said Clint Eastwood.

The Dirty Harry franchise helped Eastwood’s career and the studio, since it grossed more than $228 million in the United States alone.

Go behind the scenes of the sequel, Magnum Force, below.

1. It was a response to the first film.

Many criticized Dirty Harry for its supposed “fascist” perspective. Magnum Force, according to co-screenwriter John Milius, was never intended to be more of the same. “The idea of this movie was that it was kind of the flip side of the coin of the first one,” Milius said. “What happens when you take vigilantism too far? What happens when people start to abuse the power of the vigilante?”

2. It has a Rawhide connection.

Dirty Harry (1971) was directed by Don Siegel, but he was unavailable for the sequel. Clint Eastwood decided to work with Ted Post instead. Post directed twenty-four episodes of Rawhide, the series which helped make Eastwood a star, and previously worked with the Clint on Hang ‘Em High (1968). Post said, “I was looking forward to working with Clint again.” Unfortunately, the pair didn’t hit it off this time around, as Eastwood was now more experienced with the character and with the camera.

3. An actor brought an unintentional laugh.

During filming, actor Mitchell Ryan was ill and unable to work. He still had not recovered by the day that they were supposed to shoot his death scene, so a doctor sent a note which said, “Mitch is too sick to die today.”