Dana and Gene's Last Film Noir

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Based on William L. Stuart’s novel Night Cry, this film noir re-paired the Laura team -- Otto Preminger, Gene Tierney, and Dana Andrews, who was the director’s favorite actor to work with.

1. Preminger was tough.

Dana Andrews recalled, “He will go into these tirades and I’m sure that he has bawled out very competent actors.” Karl Malden was given this advice about Otto: “Don’t let him throw you. He’s mean when he’s behind the camera.” Gary Merrill struggled with playing a gangster for the first time and went to the director for advice. He found him in the bath shaving. His advice: “Don’t tell me. Tell your psychiatrist.”

2. Andrews and Tierney’s last on-screen pairing.

Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney were first paired in 1941’s Tobacco Road, followed by Belle Starr, Laura, and The Iron Curtain. While Laura was a significant film in both of their careers – giving them star status – a perhaps more meaningful film might be Belle Star, where Andrews had his first ever romantic scene ever and appropriately it was with Tierney.

3. Tierney’s husband has a cameo.

Gene’s husband, fashion designer Oleg Cassini, appears in the film. He is best remembered for creating the “Jackie look” for Jacqueline Kennedy when she was the First Lady. Cassini completed the costumes for Where the Sidewalk Ends.