Chris Farley and David Spade Fought Over a Tommy Boy Co-Star

Tommy Boy is a cult classic that perfectly pairs high energy Chris Farley with the sarcastic David Spade. The two first worked together on Saturday Night Live before hitting the big screen where their real life friendship influenced and elevated the comedy.

Spade said, “I was telling people we had chemistry on Day 1.”

1. The title changed thanks to another film.

The working title for the film was Billy the Third: A Midwestern. However, another SNL cast member, Adam Sandler, was working on a movie too, Billy Madison. Since the titles were similar, the film became Tommy Boy. Other names considered included Fat Chance and XL.

2. Rob Lowe isn’t credited.

Lowe was attached to star in an adaption of Stephen King’s The Stand, and apparently, if he was credited for Tommy Boy it would have caused legal issues. So as a favor to producer Lorne Michaels, he appears uncredited. He especially enjoyed filming because he got to work with Chris Farley. He said, “There are certain people in life that, for whatever reason, you remember exactly where you were when you met them. Farley was one of those guys… I loved him.” If Lowe had been unable to appear, Matthew McConaughey, who auditioned for the part, might have been cast.

3. Chris and David fought over…

Rob Lowe! One night before filming, Lowe invited Spade to hang out, and the two didn’t tell Chris. The next day, Farley was hurt and teased Spade. The exchange became so heated that Spade threw his drink at Farley, and Farley hit Spade. Lowe remembered, “They fought over me! Those two guys fought over me in the movie. It was insane.”

4. The coat bit was a running gag.

Chris Farley’s “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” routine was a running gag that he’d do to get David Spade to laugh when they were working in their shared office for SNL. The song, though, was an improvisation that Farley did in an outtake. When director Peter Segal and film editor Bill Kerr were looking at the scene, they rediscovered the hilarious moment, and then decided to go back and refilm it so it would make the movie.