The Sand Pebbles

1966 | TV-PG
China, 1926. The country is torn by revolution and exploited by foreigners. Jake Holman (Steve McQueen), an American sailor who serves as an engineer aboard the U.S.S. San Pablo - a gunboat which patrols the Yangtze River simply to maintain an American presence in China - wants no part of the whole messy situation and would prefer to simply stay below deck and keep the engines running. He is more at home with machines than people and, when asked his opinion on America's foreign policy, says, "I don't mess with it. It's all look-see-pidgin, somethin' for the officers."He is forced to get involved when the gunboat is sent to rescue a group of missionaries upriver at the China Light Mission. Holman is made a part of the landing party and assigned to escort the missionaries back to the safety of the San Pablo. The spiritual life espoused at the mission affects him and draws him out of his shell. For once in his life, he feels a sense of belonging and falls in love with one of the missionaries, young Shirley Eckert (Candice Bergen), drawn to her innocence and compassion.Unfortunately, the lives of everyone there may be in danger due to the unstable political environment. When civil war breaks out, Jake must take a stand, a stand that could put him in conflict with his American superiors.Nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Leading Actor and Best Supporting Actor, THE SAND PEBBLES is a powerful commentary on political and military intervention, racism, nationalism and the horrors of war.
Featuring: Steve McQueen, Candice Bergen